April 5, 2016

March Favorites

Fiona's Favorites

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Everybody has been raving about this eyeliner since the moment it came out but I refused to buy into the hype because of the steep price tag. $24 for an eyeliner?! Really!? Does it really have to be that expensive?! But I guess this is where "you get what you pay for" really comes into play. I was perfectly happy with my drugstore eyeliner, but decided to splurge a bit during the holidays and treated myself to some make up goodies and now I can never go back. The fluidity, and the boldness of the eyeliner is perfection. The well crafted felt tip makes cat eyes, and winged liner feel like second nature. I cannot imagine using another eyeliner after this. It is worth every penny!

Spruce Health

I have suffered from acne since the 7th grade. I've tried everything in drugstores and popular ( and unpopular) home remedies and nothing ever worked. I worked out, slept early, no chocolate, no caffeine, you name it- I tried it. This is the first time in 16 years that I am acne free! How is this possible you ask? It's all thanks to Spruce- a dermatology app that helped me get prescription acne cream without leaving my house. Download the app, create an account, enter in some medical history, take pictures of your problem area, give a description, and bam! by the next day a doctor will have looked over your case, forwarded your prescription to your pharmacy of choice and you're good to go! It seriously is the best and easiest thing I have ever done. Even better is that they have amazing customer service! One of the creams prescribed was not covered under my insurance and cost $130! I wrote a message to the "receptionist" on the app, and she provided me a coupon for $100 off! $100!!! That was the best coupon of my life! Every time you have a "session" with the doctor, it's $35. If you are interested and want to give Spruce a try, leave a comment and I'll provide a link to get your first session free! You literally have nothing to lose!

The Mortified Podcast

I've always kept a journal and I still have one now. I find journaling to be very therapeutic and I really recommend it to everybody. But I cringe with embarrassment when I find an older journal and read my past entries. For example, here is a sample journal entry from when I was in 8th grade:

"Dear Diary,
  I went to my first concert tonight and it was *Nsync! I finally saw *Nsync! I can't believe it! When they first came on stage, I started crying like a baby! It was them!! I was seeing them with my own eyes! And when they sang "Selfish" I cried because I felt like they were singing to me. I really love Justin Timberlake. I think he is my soulmate."

I'll stop the entry there because the rest is too embarrassing and if I share anymore, I know my friends will bring it up every time I see them- my friends are the best... Anyways, The Mortified podcast is where people go on stage and read their old journals or diaries from when they were a teenager. Most stories are hilarious, some are heart-warming, and a few have been heart breaking, but all have been amazing. The podcast really brings me back to my dramatic, emo teen years,  and makes me really appreciate how far I have come since those days.

Ivana's Favorites

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Here is an ode to NYX. You had me at "liquid suede". I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, because when I hear a phrase that begins with liquid, I think of Liquid Dreams by O-Town, which is kind of a terrible, gross, yet perfectly appropriate karaoke song. The gimmicky name latched itself into my brain, and the internet told me that "liquid suede" = matte finish. I thought, but NYX, doesn't the Soft Matte Lip Cream already exist, and isn't it already pretty freakin' awesome? I had many questions for you, NYX, but it didn't stop me from going out and purchasing Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken (a recommendation from a friend who looked AMAZING in the color - I only hope to look a little bit okay). Conclusion? Bravo, NYX. The lipstick (more cream, to be honest, as it does not come in traditional stick form, but tube + wand form) is excellent, everything a matte lipstick should strive to be. It dries completely matte/suede, but beneath the surface lies moisturized and hydrated lips, huzzah! The colors range from delightfully demure (nudes) to bam! brights (lavender), which means there's a little something something for everyone, and hopefully there will be more colors to come.

Run River North

Every now and then, my friend and I remember that there are concerts out there in the world and that we are kinda adults with some money, and therefore can go to said concerts. But because this realization is sadly far and few in between, we end out missing out on some (many) great shows! To subside our show-going withdrawals, we recently scoured the internet for available shows and lo and behold, we stumbled upon Run River North. The name did not seem familiar, but once I did my pre show going research (doesn't everyone?), I discovered & recognized that they used to go by another moniker, Monsters Calling Home. Back then they were most known for an adorable Honda commercial (warning: this is sweet as fuck), and crooning luscious, folksy, indie-pop harmonies. Cut to the present, this Asian-American band still preserves the folksy, indie-pop harmonies, but it's also a bit more rock-n-roll. A bit more electric, a little darker, and a lot more grown-up. This is quite evident in their latest release Drinking from the Salt Pond, and I think this direction suits them. They're still them, but more refined and raw at the same time. Plus, the new sound + old sound (which equals new new sound?) made for a killer show!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema SF

Back when I was the biggest Veronica Mars fan in the world (I'll fight anyone on this), the creator hosted a marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, which I believe is the original one. Obviously, I desperately wanted to go, but I was still a baby in high school, and also lived quite a few states away. Nevertheless, I read a bazillion forums and fan recaps of the event and not only did I think damn, Veronica Mars is the freakin' coolest, but also, what a freakin' awesome theater. Growing up in the suburbs, you don't really get cool theaters, all we really had (and still have) were commercial movie theaters - Century, AMC, etc. So the idea of a theater that hosted events like marathons and special screenings seemed (still seems) very thrilling. Fast forward to present-day Ivana, she can now legally drink, which you can do in the theater (yeee) and she can go to an Alamo Drafthouse without having to leave the state (double yeee)! The theater has everything that makes it a great theater pub: comfy assigned seating, delicious menu, excellent selection of beer and beverages, a bar, great customer service, and an all-around great vibe - very different from chain theaters. Warning: the women's bathroom only has 3 stalls, which makes absolutely zero sense for a movie theater... I'm still coming back though - there's always more candy crush levels to play whilst standing in line.

Honrable (movie) mentions:
Zootopia & 10 Cloverfield Lane - two very great and very different movies.


  1. Whoa the liner should only be $19! I hope they didn't raise the price. Stock up when they have 15%-20% off coupons! More favorites posts please !!

    1. whoops! meant to write special edition eye liner! lol the link is to the special edition one!

  2. Yeah, Fiona, i think you might have gotten the limited edition one! haha