August 14, 2016

July Favorites

It's almost the end of summer and this is our first post in months! What in the world?! The last few months have been filled with great adventures, delicious food, and endless laughter. We've been having an amazing summer but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our readers-especially our new international readers! Hi! Expect to see quite a few travel posts in the near future! For now, we're bouncing back with our trusty monthly favorites! Let us know what you've been diggin' this summer so we can try em' too! Wishing you a tan line free summer!

Fiona's Favorites:

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

I decided to try this liner because I can't justify continuously spending $18 on Kat Von D's liner. I can buy 2.5 of NYX liners for the price of one Kat Von D liner. That's crazy! Especially since this liner has the same stay power as other name brand ones. I've worn this liner all day during work and then for a two hour work out session at the gym and it did not budge at all! What I really love about this liner is the super thin brush. I am horrible at creating a thin eyeliner line- I seriously just can't do it! But with this brush, my eyes look less emo/goth and more wide awake.

NYX Lip Duo
I've been seeing ombre colored lips all over IG but I've never attempted the look because...let's be real...I'm just too lazy. BUT with the new NYX Lip Duo it's easy as 1-2-3! Literally, it's only three steps! You line your lips with the darker color, fill it in with the lighter color, rub your lips together, and bam! Beautiful ombre colored lips! My favorite is Freckles & Speckles. I love it so much that I bought 4 of em'....just in case they run out. It really is that serious.


Recently...and I mean really recently, I started working out. Shocking, I know. I joined the gym with a friend as a way to relieve stress from work and guess what? It actually a lot! So I figured, if I have to work out, I might as well look cute while doing it (you never know who you'll meet at the gym...jk, I look like a sweaty rat when I'm working out). Sadly, I am too poor to afford all the cute Lululemon and Lucy workout clothes, so the next best option is Gap! Gap is like the reliable relative we all have but tend to ignore until we need something. Well, I am here to say "THANK YOU, GAP! I APPRECIATE YOU!". Okay, let me tone down the crazy. But in all honesty, Gap makes super cute, high quality workout clothes for an extremely reasonable price. What's even better is that they have a great selection at all their Gap outlet stores! Gapfit can literally do no wrong and if you say otherwise then we might have problem!

Ivana's Favorites:


Putting this under July favorites is an understatement, it has been more like a July obsession. If you haven't heard of PokemonGO yet, you have literally been living under a rock (or a Graveler, if you will). The game combines augmented reality + nostalgia. So not only do you get to experience your childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master, but you also get to interact with the outside world (a novel concept for many of us)! I can honestly say that this game has sadly made me go outside for walks more this month than in the last 6 months. I've also interacted with strangers, which is a bit weird (because I hate talking to strangers), but it's also very sweet and special that we are all excited and bonding over the same game. I don't know what the longevity of this game will be like, but I personally can see myself casually playing for a pretty long time - gotta catch 'em all, ya know?


I don't want to admit this, but I've actually never seen the original Ghostbusters in its entirety. I've seen bits and pieces on TV, and understand most of the references through the media. Thus, I was not angry about a remake (I'm also not an angry neckbeard who lives on Reddit, so that probably helped). In fact, I was pretty stoked - the director, the all-female cast, the science! My excitement waned a little from the lackluster trailers, but the movie was far better than any of the trailers. It wasn't a perfect movie as there were parts that were a bit slow, jokes that fell flat, and a weak ass villain. But there was much more to love than hate. Just to name a few: there were cameos, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, female friendships, females kicking ass, a dumb, hot male assistant, science, quirky humor, and Kate McKinnon (she was my favorite). The movie definitely needs more love and I hope everyone here rounds up their friends and watches it a million times!

The Cauldron 

I’ll always remember when my high school chemistry teacher made us ice cream using liquid nitrogen. I was in awe - who knew chemistry could be that cool? Flash forward years later and liquid nitrogen ice cream is now a thing  and I learned that chemistry was really the devil’s subject. While I adore Smitten in San Francisco, I think I may be in love with The Cauldron in Santa Ana even more (the one time I choose SoCal over NorCal, sigh). I loved it so much that I went twice in two days. I also was on an ice cream diet because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth removed, but repeat trips would have probably happened regardless. The ice cream is so so so creamy and the flavors are so very well balanced. I had the chocolate (uber rich), the sea cream (tastes exactly like the milk tea foam), and the earl grey lavender (my personal favorite - heavy on the tea with just a hint of lavender, thus no dreaded perfume flavor). It can also be served in a puffle aka egg puff! Although, I thought the puffle itself was rather bland and the ice cream melted faster in the puffle than in a cup (also: messier). However, it, along with the store (edison lights! old time wimey clocks and gears), are very worthy of a few IG pics. 

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