October 16, 2016

Coffee Shop Favorites

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It's finally feeling like Fall in California and we're experiencing our first storm since March. As much as I love the clear, sunny California days, I miss the rainy days of cozying up with a good cup of coffee and a good book. This storm has inspired us to make a list of some of our favorite coffee places around the Bay! Let us know if you've visited any of these spots or tell us about your favorite coffee shop!

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Cafe 4 is the biggest cafe I've ever been to. You never have to worry about finding a table for yourself and they even have outlets on the floor! They serve their iced coffees with coffee cubes and their chai teas are comparable to Starbucks! They have a little fridge with pre-made sandwiches, chia sea pudding, parfaits, etc... for purchase as well. Strong wifi, good service, ample room, clean bathrooms, and huge parking lot. There's literally nothing bad about this place!

Oakland- Blue Bottle
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This Blue Bottle location is my favorite simply because of the aesthetic. Set in a classic building on the corner of Broadway, floor to ceiling windows, white tiles, and high ceilings, I just can't get enough of it. Along with their delicious coffee, this location sells seasonal soups, parfaits, popeye egg toast, and other baked goods. 

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If you venture to the outskirts of Fremont, you'll stumble upon a little town called Niles. Once you enter Niles you feel like you've traveled back in time a couple of decades. The streets are filled with coffee shops, small restaurants, and antique stores. Devout Coffee is a gem in this small town. I recommend  this place if you're meeting up with a friend to catch up or need some time to just gather your thoughts. If it's nice out, you can enjoy your cup of coffee in their outdoor patio that is filled with gorgeous succulents. 

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Belgian waffles and Nutella are two of my favorite things in the whole world.  No joke. Voltaire Coffee House offers delicious warm waffles, Nutella latte and so much more! Located across from the Convention Center in downtown San Jose, Volatire makes a great place for a coffee date or a study lounge. No need to even worry about parking because they validate for up to 2 hours! 

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Sightglass Coffee is definitely one of the hippest coffee shops I have been to. I definitely feel like I should have a beanie or a flannel shirt on every time I visit. What I love most about Sightglass is that its set in a modern two story warehouse, surrounded by beautiful wood furniture. What's weird about Sightglass is that half of the second floor is an office for another company. It's cool and weird at the same time. Great coffee and delicious pastries from Neighbor Bakehouse. My favorite thing to do here is people watch from the second floor :).

Let us know in the comments if we should make a coffee shop favorites pt. 2 or another themed favorites! Happy coffee hunting :)

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